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Lifestyle bloggers are followed by many surfers looking for great tips and advice. They share on their blog their latest tips on fashion, travel, good addresses and many more. Tips that often fly and demonstrate the real and growing influence of these bloggers on their subscribers. An influence that has not escaped the many brands that call on them for a variety of communication actions.

Discover below our top 10 lifestyle blogs!

# 1 And why not Coline

322k of Instagram followers

Coline is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers in France. With 264,000 subscribers on YouTube and 289,000 followers on Instagram, the young woman is very present on all social networks. In her blog, she shares her tips for beauty, shopping, good plans and more. Coline is also very committed to the animal cause and ecology. The advice she gives is always in harmony with nature.

# 2 Make My Lemonade

248k of Instagram followers

Lisa Gachet launched into the world of the blog by founding the site MakeMyLemonade. In particular, she has launched a DIY fashion ( Do It Yourself ) and offers various tips for creating her own clothes and other products. She also shares her good plans for restaurants and travel.

# 3 You Make Fashion

261k of Instagram followers

The blog You Make Fashion was created and launched by Margot in 2010. She posts articles, tutorials or vlogs on various topics such as fashion, DIY, travel or restaurant tips.

# 4 Raphael Spezzotto-Simacourbe

243k of Instagram followers

Raphael Spezzotto-Simacourbe  is one of the most popular French lifestyle bloggers! He started as an influencer after leaving a promising position in digital strategy at Google in Dublin. He is now at the head of his own business and is one of the bloggers on whom to count his next years.

# 5 The Chloé Wardrobe

157k of Instagram followers

In 2010, Chloe decided to start creating her blog. Focusing initially on fashion, good addresses and travel, she has as and when, expanded its editorial line to offer content related to sports and food.

# 6 Romain Costa

33k of Instagram followers

The blogger  Romain Costa shares with his subscribers his latest tips on fashion, travel, and photography. Member of the group of Nerds, he is often called by brands for collaborations of all kinds. He recently had the opportunity to parade for the Dolce & Gabbana brand during Fashion Week.

# 7 The Wicked Blog

66.3k of Instagram followers

The Wicked Blog, whose real name is Eleonore Bridge, is a talented lifestyle blogger. She regularly posts thematic articles such as tips for traveling, life tips or organization. She makes it a point of honor to remain available for her readers by proposing to join her by email for any question.

# 8 Valhery

74.1k of Instagram followers

Valery, whose real name is  Valéry Escande, is one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers in France. He shares on his blog articles on various themes ranging from fashion to travel and his musical inspirations. His style and originality seduce both Internet users and brands that appeal to him for various communication actions.

# 9 Like a truck

53.9k of Instagram followers

Like a Truck blog was born from a forum about men’s fashion. Today an essential player in the field, the blog has diversified and now offers lifestyle content. This group is made up of 6 bloggers: Joe, Max, Romano, Jimmy, Sega, and Valentino who share their latest tips on men’s lifestyle.

# 10 The French boy

57.1k of Instagram followers

Nicolas hides behind the blog  Le Petit Français. He shares his lifestyle advice, especially in streetwear fashion, and also works in an advertising agency, alongside his job as an influencer. He is also a member of  Les Ringards and is the companion of the blogger YouMakeFashion.

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