How to make infographics yourself: 6 free services

infographic design

Infographics – the easiest way to visualize complex diagrams, processes, ideas; combines text and drawing. Suitable even for those who can not draw or use Photoshop. In the article we tell you how to make cool infographics, and give 6 services that will help you with this.

In the process of choosing programs for creating infographics, we adhered to the following criteria:

  • Free (or almost free).
  • Located on the Internet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cool if it works on drag-and-drop.
  • It does not require installation of additional programs

Google Docs

Suitable for statistics. If you need to clearly demonstrate, for example, what proportion of housewives love Philip Kirkorov or how many percent of drivers don’t fasten at the wheel, then Google Docs will do just fine.

Easy to use English language service. The free version of is available:

  • 10 ready-made templates.
  • 65 infographic symbols and 25 photos.
  • Export jpeg of low quality.
  • 10 fonts.
  • 4 types of graphs.

Schemes in the end are clear and bright.

At the free Piktochart tariff available:

  • Lots of graphs, pictures and photos.
  • Dozens of templates.
  • Hundreds of characters in different styles.
  • Drag-and-drop technology.
  • Fonts

You can save the picture as a file with the extension png or in raw format.


Canva ‘s interface resembles Piktochart, the templates are the same as on The service provides many free tools:

  • Templates and backgrounds.
  • Graphs and charts.
  • Different fonts.
  • Vivid pictures.
  • Photos and graphic symbols.
  • Saving a picture in png format.

All in all, cool. What is inconvenient – free and paid tools are on the same heap.

English resource with a simple interface. Free features :

  • Templates and backgrounds.
  • The ability to make video infographics.
  • Fonts
  • Graphs, charts, diagrams, maps.
  • Graphic pictures and photographs.
  • Saving in jpg format.

Nothing super-cool can be cooked up here, but purely for visualizing circuits – it will do.

“Follow the schedule”

Scientific infographics, useful for research papers and topics such as medicine or online education. What is here:

  • Backgrounds and infographic pictures.
  • Schemes, charts, graphs.
  • Fonts
  • Saving in png format.

There is one inconvenience in the service “ Follow the schedule ” – when you save the logo of the service appears in the picture.

PS How to make infographics, if you have never done so

Your task is to help the reader better understand the topic. The following recommendations will help:

  1. Decide on an idea, simplify it. Then come back and simplify again.
  2. Leave the most important and interesting. The text should not be too much, ideally, it should tend to zero.
  3. Look at the finished chart to see if your audience understands it. If not, redo it.
  4. Explain the idea in infographics using the services in our collection.

If you know other free services for creating infographics – share with us in the comments.


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