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Do you want to get free whoppers? If Yes, then you can get free whoppers just by sharing your thoughts at MyBKExperience.com. There will be a free coupon code for you when you will end the survey.

Burger King is a large fast-food network in the United States and very unique because of its taste. This company just wants to get honest feedback from their customers so that they can improve their meal quality and services.

This survey is for a very short time it will not take your time too much. Just careful about one thing that your all thoughts must be clear and honest so that the company can easily understand things and can improve their mistakes.

MyBKExperience At MyBKExperience.com

We know the united states is full of junk food. There are many restaurants that are running their fast food items. This thing creates competition among all the restaurants. So this feedback is a new strategy to attract the customer so that we can pick the views of our customers and made betterments in their restaurants.

That’s why this survey is providing you a platform so that you can share your thoughts with www.mybkexperience.com free whopper and improve their services and food quality. There is a complete and clear procedure to complete this survey step by step.

Rules & Requirements For MyBKExperience

The followings rule are important to complete this survey.

  • You must have a laptop and fast internet so that you can easily access the official website.
  • This survey is only valid for those customers who hold an ID of the American state or District of Columbia.
  • Your age must be 18 or more than 18 otherwise you can not take part in this survey because this survey is only for adults not for children.
  • The member of Burger King can not take part in this survey
  • You must have the receipt with a valid code along with you
  • The receipt must have valid within a given limit of usage
  • Your English and Spanish must be strong so that you can easily understand the things

Reward For The Winners

When you will end this survey a coupon code will be provided to you. So now when you visit King Burger bring this code along with you and win a chance to get free whoppers.

Step By Step Guide for Burger King Survey

Following steps are necessary to follow

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Enter the restaurant number which is mentioned on your receipt
  3. Now enter your coupon code mentioned at your receipt
  4. The time and date of your visiting at the King Burger

Now after this information you will be asked to give your feedback about the restaurant

The company can ask you different questions like

  1. Did you eat the food outside or inside the restaurant?
  2. What was your order?
  3. Whether the food was fresh or not?
  4. How was the behavior of the staff with you?
  5. In how much time your order was given?
  6. How was the environment of the restaurant?
  7. What was your rating about our restaurant?

Now the survey is complete. The company will ask you about your personal information like your name phone number etc.

After this, you will be awarded coupon code now whenever you visit the Burger King bring this code along with you so that you can easily win free whoppers.

Burger King Company Details

Burger king typically is an American food chain. It was established in 1954 by James Duncan, James McLamore, William R.Jarvis, and David Edgerton. Currently, it is on rank 5 in the fast-food chain all over the world.

There are many stores of it which more than 2000 and have 17796 branches all over the world. In Miami, Florida there is the main headquarter of the Burger King. Chicken, hamburgers, french fries, and soft drinks are the main products of the Burger King restaurant. Daniel Schwartz is the current SEO of the burger King restaurant chain.

Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126, united States.
Contact No: +1 305-378-3000
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