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If you want to win free whoppers then visit the KFC survey. If you share your experience of KFC you can easily get free whoppers. KFC is a very big junk food restaurant network in the world. It has many branches according to the research report it has more than 22621 branches all over the world. Mykfcexperience is just to take the feedback of customers because this feedback helps to judge the growth and performance of the company.

The survey takes only 5 minutes for its completion . just share your honest thoughts so that the growth and value of the company can be better.

MyKFCExperience at

In the united state, there are many restaurants working but KFC has its own taste. Mykfcexperience is a platform so that you can share your thoughts about the meals and this is an easy way of getting free whoopers by visiting this survey.

Rules & Requirements for MyKFCexperience

There are some rules for completing this survey successfully.

  • Laptop with Internet Connection
  • As you know this survey is for online users and for this the availability of the internet is a must so that you can easily access the official site of this survey. For this reason, it is very important that you have a laptop or mobile phone along with you because without it you can not take part in this survey.
  • The United States’ Nationality
  • The KFC has a big network of food all over the world but this survey is only available just for American people it means that to perform this survey you must have legal citizenship of America.
  • You can not take part in this survey if you are a kid because this survey is only for an adult so to perform this survey your age should be 18.
  • Valid Receipt Code
  • It is very important that you must have a valid receipt code so that you can take part in this survey. This survey code is available only for a limited time.
  • Employees of KFC Restaurant
  • One more important thing is that only customers can get to visit this survey, not the employees. The reason is that the employees are stakeholders of this company so the feedback of customers is necessary.
  • English Language
  • To visit this survey your English must be strong. As we know English is an international language and also the local language of the citizens of America that’s why your English must be clear and strong for understanding every detail.

Rewards For The Winner

After completing the survey a coupon number will be provided to you. Whenever you visit KFC bring this code along with you so that you can easily get free whoppers.

Step By Step Guide To Perform KFC Survey

  • Visit the legal website
  • There are two language options to perform this survey one is English and other is Spanish
  • Enter the receipt code
  • Enter the last date and time when you visit the KFC
  • Share your honest views so that the company can improve their meal or services
  • Company will ask you different questions like:
  • Was the food fresh?
  • How was the food in taste?
  • Was the food was the same or not as mention in the picture?
  • How was the staff’s behavior with you?
  • How were the services?
  • How was the environment of the restaurant?
  • In the end, the company will ask you about your personal information such as the name mobile phone, etc.
  • That will be the last step of your survey after that you will get a free coupon code next time whenever you visit KFC bring this code along with you.

Detail of KFC Resturant

Colonel Sanders was the founder of KFC. He opened his first franchise at the age of 64 in Utah. The KFC was found on 24 September 1952. The main headquarter of KFC is in Louisville, Kentucky state of United States of America.

KFC typically an American based restaurant and have many branches all over the world because of its taste. Roger Eaton is the current CEO of KFC.KFC has an estimated net worth of 15 BILLION$ in 2013.
Address:800 Virginia Ave, Fort Pierce, FL 34982, USA. Contact no:(800)255-5532


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