What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization is also known as SEO. It is the practice of making your website appear on the top pages of the search engine.

The number of visits to a website increase if you have implemented SEO on your website. In case you are unaware of SEO then you can reach out to the best SEO company in Pakistan to get help.

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According to research Websites that are on the first page of Google receive almost 95% of clicks.

Why Choose SEO Company in Pakistan

Paid advertising, Social Media and other online platforms usually generate traffic for a website. Mostly online traffic is driven by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The Organic search results appear to be more credible and authentic to the searcher and receive. Websites that use Organic keywords receive more clicks as compared to paid advertisements.

For example, All of US Searches, only around 2.8% of people click on paid advertisements.

SEO is considered to be the main online marketing channel that when implemented correctly, can gradually pay dividends over time.

How SEO Work

If you provide good content that deserves to be rank on the right keywords then your traffic definitely increases over time. When you are ranked on the top pages of google then advertising companies need continuous funding so that you send indirect traffic to their site.

Now search engines are getting smarter with each passing day but still, they need our help. Website optimization helps search engines to properly index your content and display search results.

How Does SEO in Pakistan Work?

All Search engines like Google, Bing score search results largely according to the authority and relevancy of pages it has crawled. All the search results which crawled included in the web index so that when a user writes any query search engine provide him the best answer.

There are almost over 200 Signals which Google uses in scoring the search results. To get advantages of these signals SEO is used because it is a creative activity that influences and improves the known signals.

SEO Factors in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing in Pakistan, Digital Experts

Sometimes it is very important to not focus too much on a single ranking signal and look after a wider goal of Google.

So that it provides the best and accurate answer to its users.
SEO is a technique of making sure that the website is working fine.

  • it is accessible to users
  • website speed is good
  • it technically sounds

It uses the words which people are searching for in search engines. Providing excellent user experience, High-quality content that resolves user’s problem which he is searching for also comes under SEO.

Google uses a large team of search quality raters which evaluate the quality of the results. Each result is first put in the machine learning algorithm known as googles search quality rater guidelines.

There is a hyperlink based algorithm that Google uses to calculate the popularity of a website and authority of website page. These are the fundamental ranking signals of google.

SEO Ranking Signals

SEO also includes the activity of improving the quality and the number of “inbound links” to a website from another website. This activity in common words known as “Link building” which is a very important part in ranking a website on google.

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Relevant and well-known websites when start linking to your website then it is considered to be a strong signal to Google.

Google gives these types of link very important and makes the website appear in the search result for relevant queries.

Important factors for SEO Services in Pakistan

Now we are going to explain some important factors of SEO that affect the performance of a website in SERPs. Basically, there are two important factors that Google and every search engine pay attention to. These two important factors are the following.

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page


SEO is basically the practice of improving, code, design, navigation structure and functionality of the website so that a user can easily navigate to your website.

There are a lot of things that come under On-page optimization some of them are following.

On Page SEO

1. Title Tags with your keyword
2. Short SEO friendly URL including your keyword
3. Subheadings (H2) in your content
4. Internal Links
5. Images with proper description and Alt attributes
6. LSI Keywords in your content
7. Image Optimization
8. Using Social sharing buttons
9. Writing length Content above 650 words
10. Responsive Design of website
11. Meta Description
12. Meta Tags

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the practice of building high-quality links for your website. In Google eye quality links to your site consider a very important signal. There is a 90% chance that your website will rank on Google’s 1st page if well-known websites give a link to your website.

Off-page SEO is the main responsibility of an SEO expert because it involves a lot of activities. When a good website gives a link to your website then it passes link juice towards your website.

The following are the activities that you should consider in your worklist to generate the high quality and authority backlinks that must be pointing towards your website.

• Social bookmarking
• Directory submission
• Blog commenting
• Business listings
• Image submission
• Article submission
• Forum marketing
• Guest blogging
• Doc and PPT submission
• Blog submission
• Press release
• Link building
• Video submission
• Web 2.0 submissions

SEO Techniques

There are three types of SEO Techniques.
• White Hat
• Black Hat
• Grey Hat

White Hat: White Hat SEO is the practice of using SEO activities to improve the overall website rankings in the SERPs without violating the search engine guidelines. This Technique usually takes time but in long terms, it gives many benefits.

Black Hat: Black Hat SEO involves the use of activities that give instant rankings on the organic searches. This SEO Technique violates search engine guidelines to gain the rankings instantly. In longer terms, this technique is not useful.

Grey Hat: Grey Hat SEO is neither black hat nor white hat SEO Technique. However, in this type of SEO, we use both the White hat and black hat techniques to gain rankings in Google. It is a mixed type of technique but there are some chances that your website might get hurt after an update.

Tip: We suggest you to always use a white hat SEO technique to optimize the performance and rankings of your website for long-time performance.


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