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Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns – are now more useful in Digiworld. Marketing campaigns 2020 are technically stronger then it was in 2018 based on the analysis. Nowadays, successful digital marketing ideas really matters in digital campaigns.

The advertising experience of digital marketing ideas 2020 is getting thicker. Protected by a series of AdBlock’s, he gets the message that the overdose is not far, and he protects himself as he can from the surf.

Successful Digital marketing IdeasIt is this advertising abundance that makes it less effective. Advertisers must be aware of this reality. But how to improve this advertising effectiveness in this context?

To take in hand the elements of success of their own digital campaigns, here are the 10 tips for “Hacking” your “Digital Succeed Ads” or succeeding your digital campaigns:

1. A Clear And Complete Brief Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

The brief becomes the first weapon that any advertiser must develop with its service providers, its agencies.

The notion of sharing and feedback of experiences between all actors is a prerequisite. Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns goes through a successful brief strategy about the goals and constraints of departure. Spend the necessary time. Do not skip this step.

2. Marketing Campaigns 2020 Are a Good Definition OF Performance Indicators

Performance measurement systems need to be defined, with the right objectives and the right indicators (KPIs). A good campaign starts with a shared evaluation system understood by the entire production chain (Supply chain).

If you are lost in the KPI’s, you can browse the IAB France Prezi app, it will give you a first discussion structure with your providers.

3. Establish A Navigation Contract

Compliance with the rules and propriety of browsing Internet users must be at the center of your campaign.

Do not neglect this step because it is often the cause of many failures in the market. You are not alone in wanting to hit your target. Advertising clutter is sometimes very counterproductive for your performance.

Look at the sites you are going to communicate on. Sometimes a very attractive price hides very low visibility, and therefore little efficiency or return on investment. Do not hesitate to discuss with the sites on their conditions of diffusion.

4. Running a Successful Digital Marketing Ideas Can’t Always Coverup Technology

The creative dimension of speech with or without data is also a factor of success for your campaign.

Do not always tell the same thing, especially if the formats are on the same page. Each medium has its own contextualisation advantages. The declension of the message is often an important weapon in success.

It is not always the “Never Done Before” that is most effective. Technological innovation must be at the service of marketing innovation. But the opposite is not always true. Do not stack all technologies to overcome a lack of creativity.

5. Digital Marketing Ideas 2020 The Only Attention Is Monetizable:

The great thing about being creative is to be demanding about the terms of the ad impressions you buy (visible and targeted vs. served and measured). These are the models of required returns (CPM, CPC, CPA, …).

The tools, validated by the Media Rating Council and the IAB are present to help you in the definition and monitoring. An advertisement must always be seen to work, right?

6. Without Control, Power Is Nothing

Control editorial environments and ad placements, always in step with the values ​​of your brands.

Do not hesitate to exclude those who do not have good practices or who do not have all the necessary conditions to comfort you in your success. Fraud really exists and everyone is concerned directly or indirectly.

Worry when you are told that here you are “safe” without having put the control tools. If you use programmatic actors, establish Blacklists or white lists. Work with advertising tools. Go out well wrapped up, go out warmly dressed.

7. Rigor In Monitoring Your Performance

Demand reporting that integrates the KPIs defined at the start, with the values ​​defined upstream One see too many briefs evolve during the campaign because they no longer correspond to the keys to success.

I remind you that the CTR (Click through Rate – is not an objective indicator but a result of your performance).

Do not conclude that if your digital campaigns have worked is that they have a CTR above the standards …

This is not always true. Balance sheet and monitoring are part of the sale. Ask your providers for recurring points and regular follow-up.

8. Simplicity = Efficiency

Keep in mind simplicity in your actions. Your targets often reason with much common sense sometimes. It can be interesting to put yourself in the shoes of these and test the persuasion path of your digital campaigns.

This work can be done with your partners and measured with tools calibrated for this purpose. Put yourself in their place.

9. Set Up A Collaborative Management Of Your Actions

Coordinating your actions will require you to set up shared and collaborative project management between all the actors of your “Supply chain”.

The more you partition for reasons of confidentiality (which can be understood), the more you will be counterproductive about the performance of your campaign.

The confidence of your Supply chain must be flawless. Do not hesitate to make see your providers in their environments. You will learn a lot more about their know-how.

10. Risk Must Be Part Of Marketing Digital Campaigns

Take risks. Success is not achieved with the sole guarantees of the providers you have mandated. The guarantees requested by some people often put the risk on actors who do not have complete control.

You can be demanding. But no one is bound to the impossible if your creation or your product is not good. “To conquer without danger, one triumphs without glory” applies to your digital campaigns.


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